As Kızılay Asset Management, we are stronger with our solution partners. You can reach the partners below.
RiskTürk - Risk Software Technologies Consultancy Training Trade Limited Co.

Risk Management Service


RiskTürk provides risk management service for the funds established by our company. In this context, market, liquidity, credit, concentration and counterparty risk measurements and stress tests, scenario analyzes, backtest calculations of the funds are executed by RiskTürk officers. Thereafter the results are reported to our related company departments and the Board of Directors.

Yeditepe Independent Audit Inc.

Independent Audit Service


In accordance with CMB's Communiqué on Independent Auditing Standards in the Capital Market, a contract was signed with Yeditepe for the interim and year-end independent audits of our Company. The prepared report will be submitted to the Board of Directors and then it will be disclosed to the public.

Türkiye Halk Bankası Inc.

Custody of Individual Customers' Assets


A custody service contract was signed with Türkiye Halk Bank for the custody of the assets which are in the portfolios of our Company's individual customers. The custodian records and monitors the ownership of assets of the portfolios in such a way that the ownership is clearly identified.

Takasbank - Istanbul Settlement and Custody Bank Inc.

Custody of Fund Assets


A custody service contract was signed with Takasbank for the custody of the assets which are in the portfolios of Real Estate and Private Equity Funds. Takasbank records and monitors the assets in fund portfolios by carrying out daily valuation.

Kılınç Law and Consulting - Lawyer Levent Lezgin Kılınç

Legal Consultancy


Kılınç Law Office's consulting services include energy law and commercial law as well as company law, mergers and acquisitions and securities law. Our company will receive legal advice and / or legal support from "Kılınç Law" within the scope of Capital Markets Law, Contracts Law, Corporate and Commercial Law and Competition Law. In addition, our Company shall monitor the legal processes regarding our activities and the agreements to be signed with third parties through the law office and shall receive legal reports on the said agreements when necessary.

ISFA – Islamic Finance Consultancy

Participation/ Interest-Free Finance Consultancy


The company provides Islamic financial consultancy whether the funds we founded are complied with participation and interest-free finance principles.

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